Changer — AUTOGRAPHED ebook

Matt Gemmell
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An ebook edition of Matt Gemmell's action-thriller novel, CHANGER, autographed and personally inscribed for you by the author! Your name, personal inscription, and the author's signature will be on the cover of your unique ebook, and will be visible on your e-reader device or app.

This isn't an automated process — I hand-inscribe and sign each copy individually using an Apple Pencil and iPad Pro, and then generate your bespoke ebook.

Choose either an EPUB file (for Apple Books, Nook, Kobo, or virtually any e-reader device or app), or a MOBI file (for Kindle devices and the Kindle app).

Autographed ebooks are delivered via email, usually within a few days of ordering (and often sooner).

This product is not currently for sale.

A thriller novel in ebook format, for your reading device or app.


Changer — AUTOGRAPHED ebook

0 ratings